Sunday, 2 June 2013


Theo Aartsma is a designer and illustrator from the northern parts of Holland. He first came into contact with design and illustration when he was into the creation of electronic dance music and needed promotional material. This in time lead to a passion for web design. Theo went to study communication and multimedia design. After receiving his bachelor degree in 2006, Theo started working for one of Holland's biggest corporate web design agencies as a corporate designer; whilst slowly regaining his passion for illustration and graphics, in which he did some freelance work under the alias Sumeco.

After 4 years of working as a corporate web designer, Theo decided it was time to follow his passion completely and he went on as a full-time illustrator and graphic designer working for clients such as Nike, Pall Mall, Toyota and many more.

You can find more of Theo's work [here].

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