TWOFOLD Magazine is always on the hunt for new talent, and now - WE NEED YOU.

I am currently on the hunt for some great artists to create some tutorials for the TWOFOLD Blog to inspire our readers. As well may know TWOFOLD Magazine has been going under a lot of changes recently, and new segments are now going to be added to the blog to work alongside the 'artist spotlight' and 'tips and tricks' posts.

This talent search is open to creatives from any discipline, whether it's illustration or typography, or arts and crafts or digital art; TWOFOLD is open to anything. We are looking at introducing some new talent (we are also open to old talent) to our networks, and selected creatives are welcome to make as many tutorials as they like for TWOFOLD Magazine.

Want to know how you can get involved?

At this stage all we are asking for is up to 5 jpgs to be set tosubmissions@twofoldmagazine.com. Please try to keep you're file sizes small by using low res images. Emails that are too big due to attachments will be automatically deleted as they fill up and crash our mailboxes! Additionally, please do not send lots of emails with samples as these will also be deleted by our spam filters.

As emailing is now becoming a thing of the past... another way you can now submit is through instagram and twitter, just add #twofoldmagazineoffical to any images that you would like to submit for consideration and I shall make sure to check them all out... You never know, I might even retweet some!

So what will be the format of these tutorials?

The tutorials can either by a step-by-step guide using images and text that we can lay out in our blog, or video format using your personal account on either vimeo or youtube. We will send all the guidelines to  selected creatives for more information.

Will your work be credited?

All the work put through onto our blog will be credited with your name and a link to your work. You're work will only be shown on the blog and links distributed through social networks.

If you have anymore questions please leave a message in the comment box below.

I am hoping to bring in a few more segments to this blog, so watch this space for more talent searches. I also want to know what you want to see on this blog. Please leave your comments below for new segments that you would like to see.

Due to the amount of emails TWOFOLD receives via submissions, I will not be able to reply back to everyone who has submitted. All successful submitters will be contacted.