Sunday, 2 June 2013


Approaching photography for the very first time in 2008, Alexandra's work derived from her intention to dialogise with her inner feelings and emotions, to shape an expression for them, so that people would know her better. It was, somehow, a sort of explosion that surrounded Alexandra's head and her soul, and which has afterwards become a permanent struggle to make it more "human" and articulate. It was later that Alexandra had realised that she was trying to understand life instead of living it. That was the particular moment when she stopped taking photographs and instead became more concerned with herself, in general, and with pushing her limits. 

Alexandra's most recent artwork is an approach to the human body, especially the female one. Her artwork depict frames and isolates emotions. Alexandra is in search of contradictory feelings: fragility intertwines with shame, insecurity distorts objects, a curious sort of tranquility reveals exactly it's opposite. Alexandra's photographic inquiries are particularly intrigued by women who do not or cannot find a place of their own, who superficially or simply unnaturally connect to the places in which they live. Their identity is rarely palpable, and for that reason their faces dissolve into the background, which in it's turn, has to compensate this lack of expression. 

You can find more of Alexandra's work [here]. 

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